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Compliance Network Profile Builder

Upon signing up for Compliance Network, you will be prompted to build your profile. 
Note: Your Profile Builder may vary slightly from what is outlined below. The system analyzes and calculates your selections to align your Compliance Network experience to your professional focus and topics of interest.


If you already have an account and are just looking to update your profile, go to the dropdown near your name and select My Profile Builder.



Select your primary professional focus and then applicable roles and responsibilities. Click Next.


Next, select the appropriate options related to your company information. Click Next when finished.


Company information continued. Click Next when ready.


Next, select your industry. This will help Compliance Network tailor information to your specific industry needs. Select all that apply. (These selections can be updated at any time via My Profile Builder.) Click Next.


Select your country. Click Next.


Select the state/s in which your company has locations. Use the map or checkboxes to select. Click Next.


If prompted, provide specifics on the number of employees in your company. Click Next.


Select any additional topics of interest. Click Next.


Select Yes/No if you have/do not have additional responsibilities in the specified areas. Depending on your selections (ie. if you clicked Yes), you will be prompted to select further topics of interest related to these functions.)


Example: If you selected yes to having Safety & Health responsibilities, you would select further topics on the next page.


Review your selections. If you need to edit any areas, click "edit" next to the necessary item.


Click Submit when you are finished building your profile. Compliance Network will analyze your profile and update the site to tailor content to your selections.


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