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Assigning a Driver to a Vehicle

Within VideoProtects, users can assign drivers to vehicles for an optimized experience. Video events will then automatically be assigned at the driver level for immediate scoring and coaching opportunities. 

Pair When Adding/Editing a Driver

Vehicles can be assigned to drivers during the Add Driver process, or by editing an existing driver. Once the pairing has been completed, all new video events for the vehicle will be assigned to the driver.


Add Driver:

See Adding a Driver for more information.


Edit Driver:

See Editing a Driver for more information.



Driver Roster View:



Pair From the Vehicle's Information Page

Alternatively, you could add the driver from the Vehicle's information page. Go to Vehicles on the left side menu, and then select Vehicles.


Click on the Vehicle name to open its information page. Then, click Edit Details. Select the Driver from the Assign Driver dropdown and Save.



Vehicle Roster View:



Remove a Pairing

To remove a driver/vehicle pairing, navigate to the Driver and select Edit Details.


Click the 'X' by the Assigned Vehicle and Save.


The pairing can also be removed by editing the Vehicle and removing the Driver.


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