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Adding a New VideoProtects User

VideoProtects pages can be controlled by security roles and permissions. These permissions will provide specific access to various areas of VideoProtects depending on the user.


Note: Only users with Super Admin access are allowed to adjust other user roles and permissions. See below for a full list of permissions.


Setting Up New Users 


From the menu on the left, click Settings > Users.


Click Add User on the top right.


Enter the first name, last name, email, phone number (optional), and choose a User Role (See below for a full list of permissions.). Click Next. 


Update the UI Settings such as country, timezone, and distance measurement system for the User. Click Add to finalize adding the user to the system. 


The newly added user will receive an email to Activate their account. This activation link is valid for 30 days. The user should click the Activate Account button.


Then, click Set up.



 Enter a new password and Continue.


Once a password is configured, the new user will be taken to the app widget dashboard. Select the VideoProtects tile to proceed to login.

vp tile select.png


User Roles and What They Allow/Restrict

Super Admin:

  • All permissions included/allowed in Video Admin
  • Only user with the capability to view the Users tab to assign roles to other users within the fleet
  • The Super Admin can assign the Super Admin role to other users (so there can be multiple users with Super Admin
  • Super Admin role can be revoked if there is another Super Admin setup for the fleet – Super Admin cannot be revoked if there is only one Super Admin in the fleet


  • All permissions included/allowed in Video Event and Recall (View + Edit) role
  • All permissions included/allowed in Video Recall (View + Edit) role
  • Allows access to Settings, with the exception of Users  (which includes Event configuration, Event settings, Locations).
  • Allows access to download videos
  • Allows access to add/edit Drivers and Vehicles 

Events & Recall - View + Edit

  • Allows access to Video Events, Video Event Details, Video Recall
  • Restricts access to Drivers, Vehicles,and Settings pages
  • Allows performing any edits to a video:
    • Multi-select for bulk action
    • Marking event as Completed/Dismissed
    • Can edit the driver
    • Can send the event to driver for review
    • Can set the Action Taken value
    • Can enter comments
    • Can flag a video event
  • Can update Video Event Workflow status (i.e. Viewing a video will mark the video as In Progress)
  • Restricted from downloading videos

Recall View + Edit:

  • Allows access to Video Recall page
  • Can view, request and promote recalled Videos
  • Restricts access to Video Event List, Video Dashboard , Drivers,Vehicles, Settings
  • Restricted from downloading videos
  • Restricted from deleting videos (feature coming soon)

Events - View Only:

  • Allows access to Video Events, Video Event Details and Video Dashboard pages
  • Restricts access to Video Recall and Configuration (which includes Add/View Installers, Device Associations and Config Settings) pages
  • Restricted from making any of the following edits on Video Events and Video Event Details pages
    • Cannot multi-select for bulk action
    • Cannot mark event as Completed/Dismissed
    • Cannot edit the Driver
    • Cannot send event to the driver for review
    • Cannot set the Action Taken value
    • Cannot enter comments
    • Cannot flag a video
  • Restricted from downloading videos
  • Restricted from updating the Video Event Workflow status (i.e. Viewing a video will not mark the video as In Progress)
  • Restricted from deleting videos (feature coming soon)


  • Allows access to Vehicles>Device Pairings page
    • Can add new pairing
    • Can view roster
    • Cannot edit pairing
    • Cannot perform any bulk action
    • Cannot export
  • Restricts access to Dashboard, Video pages, Vehicle, Driver page, Settings
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