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Add or Edit Drivers

Drivers can be added to the VideoProtects® system by either the Admin or Super Admin users. Drivers can then be assigned to a Location and/or Vehicle for an optimized experience. 


From the left-side menu, click Drivers.



Adding a new Driver

Click Add Driver located in the top-right.


Enter at least the required information and click Add when finished.

  • Driver's first and last name
  • Driver ID: This can be any unique number (Max 11 Characters) to assist in identifying the driver in your system
  • Driver's email address
  • Driver's phone number (optional)
  • Assign Vehicle: If appropriate, assign the driver to a vehicle. (See Adding a Vehicle for more information.)


Editing a driver

On the Drivers roster, you can either click on the driver's name or select the ellipsis> View Details.



Click Edit Details.


Edit the necessary information and select Save to return to the driver's information page.


Delete a Driver

There are a few ways to delete a vehicle entirely from your system:

  1. Check the box next to the vehicle name and then click the trash can located near the top right
  2. Click the ellipsis next to the vehicle name, and then click Delete Driver.
  3. Click on the vehicle name to open its details. Then, click Delete.

Confirm your decision to delete the driver from the system. Note: All driver records will also be deleted permanently.


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