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Viewing the TMC Training Catalog

The training catalog is a repository of all of the various training/courses within TMC (ie. Classroom Programs, E-Learning, etc.).

Go to Catalog > Training Catalog.



A list of all courses/training types in the "Course Catalog" is displayed.

  • You can search for a specific course/e-learning/etc. in the search field at the top of the list
  • You can filter the list to narrow down search results.
  • The catalog can be viewed in a list format or grid format
  • The list can also be sorted in various ways
  • You can increase the number of results on the page but updating the rows per page at the bottom



Opening a Course/Training

To open the specific course/training, simply click on the title. You will be taken to its information page.




Helpful Articles:


Filtering the Catalog

To narrow down the list to view a specific course/training type, you can use the filter feature. Click the filter icon to expand the filter menu, which will appear on the left.



By clicking the down arrow next to any box/es and checking the area/industries/topics/etc., make your filter selections (ie. under Product Type, you can select which types of training/s to narrow down to: E-Learning, Video, Classroom Programs, etc. See image below.)


To apply the selected filters to the course catalog list on the right, click Update. In the example below, now only Classroom programs are displayed.



To empty the filters and reset all of your selections to the default, click Reset.


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