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J. J. Keller Support Center

Classroom Programs

Classroom training programs are customizable and available as PowerPoint programs and/or video programs.  



Each classroom program will indicate if it is a PowerPoint or Video training program. Use the buttons at the top to filter through which type of training you'd like to see.  Click on View to see the assets within the training. Click Clone to copy the training and customize it for your company.



Customizing J. J. Keller Trainings

Click Clone.


Enter the necessary details about the training or make any changes needed. Click Save once all required fields (*) have been completed.



Use the buttons at the top to further customize the training.  Sections can be renamed, edited, or completely removed.  Additionally, documents in each section can be downloaded using the download button beneath the asset. Use the navigation on the right to jump to particular sections of the training.



Note: Videos cannot be downloaded or customized.


Once all necessary adjustments have been made to the newly cloned program, the Classroom Program will show some additional options and indicate that a user added the program on the main Classroom Programs page.  If the program needs to be further customized, click Customize. The icon with the three dots allows you to delete the program.  


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