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J. J. Keller Support Center

Online Courses

In order to enroll in online courses, Enrollments must be available.  If you have questions about the amount of enrollments, or would like to purchase more, contact J. J. Keller Sales at 1-800-230-4094.



Enrolling in Courses

Find the training course needed by using the filtering option at the top.  Once the course is found, select Enroll.



Enter the Due Date in which the training needs to be completed.

Choose whether or not the learner can print a completion certificate.

Enter the passing score for completion.

Select the employees to send a notification email to regarding the training.  If an employee does NOT have an email entered, select the User to send the notification to.  That user can then forward the notification to the appropriate learner (if needed).



Select the learners to enroll in the online training course and click Save.




A message will be displayed in the lower left indicating that the learners are being enrolled.




Viewing and Managing Active Enrollments

Enrollments can be maintained by viewing the course. From the Online Courses page, click on the name of the training, or click View beneath the title.



By default, all open enrollments are displayed for their progress to be monitored.  To Do, Past Due, and Expired enrollments can also be viewed. 



Select Edit Enrollment to change due date, ability to print certificate, and passing score. Select Resend Notifications to resend the email notification to the learner to complete the training. Select Unenroll to remove the enrollment from the learner.



Learners view

When a learner is enrolled in a training, they will receive an email (if they have an email entered in SMS) from with login credentials. Click Log In Now to begin the training.


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