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OSHA Reports


From the Safety Management Suite dashboard, click Incidents on the left hand side. In the expanded menu, click Incidents & OSHA Reports.

clipboard_e8d3b418ccc97e3ac0e10658f972a9b95.png                       clipboard_ed821951b95859b3666ec8730e32dc9d7.png


Click the drop down menu to select the Form.



When a form is selected, additional fields will be displayed.  Complete all required fields (*) and click Generate Report.



The report will then download to your browser.  Internet Explorer users will see a dialog box asking to Open or Save the form.  Chrome users will see the download in the bottom left corner of their browser.

Internet Explorer






The report will then open in a new tab.  For the best experience, make sure any pop up blockers are disabled for Safety Management Suite.



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