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Self-Assignment Checklists

The purpose of this feature is to allow for the posting and completion of company checklists by employees without the need for scheduling/assigning. Using a company-specific URL, employees can see all checklists made available and select from the list to start a review. Upon completion of the checklist, an audit event with the results is created for recordkeeping purposes. This feature is perfect for those checklists completed often by employees (e.g. daily forklift inspections).


Making a Checklist Available to Employees

To post a checklist to the self-assignment checklists page, first navigate to your Checklists page to find the desired checklist.



 !  Important Note: It will need to be a company-specific checklist, which are created either from scratch or by cloning a J. J. Keller checklist and saving your own version. (See Adding a New Checklist and/or Cloning Checklists for more information on adding/cloning checklists) Use the ‘Added By’ filter to narrow down your checklist results. You can confirm in the "Added By" column that the checklist was added by you/your company. 



Open the checklist by clicking on the checklist name or View.


Click + Self-Assignment underneath the title of the checklist. (The icon will change from a plus (+) to a minus (-). Click again to remove the checklist if necessary.) The checklist will now be available in the Self-Assignment Checklists page. Continue with the instructions below.

clipboard_e2420d7667ef6129a779bd73d06cfc8ca.png  clipboard_e28004083471227bdfb55e91b4d3c4080.png


Accessing Self-Assignment Checklists

Navigate to the Self-Assignment Checklists page.


The list of checklists able to be completed/assigned by your employees will display.


You can add text that appears at the top of the Self-Assignment Checklists page that your employees will see. (ie. You could provide direction on how and when to use these checklists.) Click the Customize Text button.


Enter your message and Save. Or, you can toggle on the Default text.

clipboard_e2335e23c7530a592ae13b25adaaef905.png OR clipboard_eda04d785d9a1089ff30bb3e6318c41a1.png

Your message will now display at the top.


Share the Self-Assignment Checklists URL with employees who would typically complete checklists. Note: this link is specific to your account. Click the Copy icon to copy the URL and post it wherever you see fit for your employees to access.


To remove a checklist from the Self-Assignment list, click the ellipses next to the desired checklist. Then, click Remove. (Only the admin can edit this list.)



Completing Self-Assignment Checklists

When the URL is accessed by employees, they will see a page very similar to the admin's view.


To complete a checklist, the employee will click the ellipses next to the desired checklist, and then click Start Review.


Enter basic information about what is being reviewed, where the review is occurring, and who is completing the review. This information will be saved back to SMS along with the results.


Proceed through each section, saving the responses until the full checklist is completed. All sections must be completed for the results of the review to be saved.

Once all sections have been saved, a final results page is presented. A completed Audit Event will be saved back to SMS. No further action is required. Clicking ‘Continue’ will return the employee to the Self-Assignment Checklist grid page.


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