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J. J. Keller Support Center

Question Library

The available list of questions for your Checklists are found in the Question Library. Click Questions Library from the left-hand menu.




A list of J. J. Keller questions have been supplied.  You can:

1. Add your own questions by clicking Add New.

2. Clone/Copy an existing J. J. Keller question and edit it to cater the question to your company's needs.

3. Use the existing J. J. Keller questions as is for your checklist(s).



Adding a new Question to the Question Library


Complete the required fields and click Save






Cloning Questions

Users can Clone or Copy questions to then be able to edit the question to better suit your company's needs, while keeping the original question in tact. Note: J. J. Keller provided questions cannot be edited or deleted.  Instead, they can be copied to make your own copy of the question to then be able to edit it.


Click Clone beneath the question.



Make any of the needed changes to the question and click Save.


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