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Select Checklists.



A list of J. J. Keller checklists have been supplied. You can:

1. Add your own checklists by clicking Add New.

2. Clone/Copy an existing checklist and edit it to cater it to your company's needs.

3. Use the existing J. J. Keller checklist as is.



Adding a New Checklist

When adding a new checklist, complete the required fields and click Save.



When the new checklist is created, find the checklist and click Customize to add questions to it.



The checklist is currently blank.  Begin by starting a new section. Click New Section on the right.



Give the section a Name and then a description if desired. Click Save.



Continue this process until all of the sections have been completed.



To add questions to the sections of the checklist, click New Question next to the section.



If the question being added to this checklist exists in the Question Library, select Existing Question from Library for New Question Type. Otherwise, to add a whole new question, select New Question.  Complete the remaining required fields and click Save.



The question will then display under the specified section.  Continue these steps until all sections have all required questions.  Click Save.




Cloning Checklists

Users can Clone or Copy checklists to then be able to edit the checklist to better suit your company's needs, while keeping the original checklist in tact. Note: J. J. Keller provided checklists cannot be edited or deleted.  Instead, they can be copied to make your own copy of the checklist to then be able to edit it.


Click Clone beneath the checklist.




Make any needed changes to the checklist and click Save.



Use the options at the top of the checklist to make any necessary edits. You can:

1. Edit Details - allows you to change the title, type, frequency, effective date, etc.  Additionally, you can change the meta data here around the industries, topics, geography, governing bodies, etc.

2. Customize - allows you to Add, Clone/Copy, or Delete questions.  Additionally, questions can be reorganized into a different order.

3. Delete - if the checklist was cloned in error, it can be deleted here (it can also be deleted from the All Checklists view).

4. Clone - Clone this checklist to keep this checklist and create another one to make additional edits to.

5. Schedule - Assign the checklist to someone to complete.



Edit Details

The edit details screen is the same screen as when the checklist was originally cloned.  Any information from that screen ca be edited here.




Customize the checklist by:

1. Adding or moving sections [Red Box]

2. Edit (rename), delete, or add new questions to sections [Blue Box]

3. Move, clone (copy to then edit), or delete questions from sections [Green Box]




A cloned checklist can be deleted by clicking delete at the top.  A dialog box will be displayed asking if you're sure you want to delete the checklist; click Delete.




Click Clone to create an editable copy of the checklist. You'll be directed to the same details page as when this checklist was originally cloned to make any necessary changes.  Once cloned, these same options are available.




Create an audit event for the checklist to be utilized by clicking schedule.  Complete the details of the audit event and click Save.  See Audit Events for further details about Audit Events.





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