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Manage Permissions/Groups

*This feature is for paid subscriptions only.

The Group/Permissions feature allows you to form a group and act as the administrator, granting specific, location-based permissions to each group member. You can add as many other members as desired, and can revoke access at any time.


Why Form a Group?

By forming a group, Leave Manager subscribers in your company share access to your company's FMLA Leave record information. This includes having access to common employee and company information. Forming a group allows you to work more efficiently and save time without needing to duplicate data entry efforts. Most importantly, it allows your FMLA reporting to be complete.


What data and information is shared?

  • Employee List – Maintain employee-related records without needing to enter employee information over-and-over.
  • Company Information – Share and maintain company-level information. 
    • Note: The company record created by the group administrator becomes the company record for all members of the group.


What information is not shared?

Each subscriber will still have the ability to personalize their own account for email alerts and calendar reminders and seek confidential advice from Expert Help.


What happens once a group is formed?

All records are joined together in one account for all group members to access and share. A group administrator is created –The individual that invites others to join the group becomes the group administrator. The administrator retains the right to invite other members to the group or to block members from using the account. Once a group is formed, only the administrator of that group will see the Permissions tab.


Note: Once a group has been created, the members cannot be ungrouped. If you are not sure if you should form a group, contact us for guidance or additional information.


Set Up a Group

In order to invite another Leave Manager member to join your group, you will need to know their username. The person making the group request will be the “Group Admin”. Only one admin is allowed per group and only that person can adjust access to certain information throughout the site.

To set up Permissions/Groups, click the dropdown next to your name in the upper right. Then, select Permissions.


Click Invite Leave Manager Member to join your group.


Enter the username of the user/s you want to add to the group. Then, click Invite.



What you see as a group administrator

Once your coworker has accepted the invitation, they will appear in the list. “Permissions” are your key to managing group rights and access for any members that have joined your group.



Managing Permissions

At any time, an admin can transfer the administrative rights to another group member. Once admin rights have been transferred, the new admin will be the only one who can see and manage permissions. Admin rights can be transferred at any time by the current group admin. Clicking on the Edit button for any group member will allow the admin to edit that member’s permissions.


The permissions are location-based and will restrict the member’s access to information by varying degrees. The admin can set permissions for Employee Records, Leave Records, Leave Parameters, and Reporting. At any point, the admin can “Grant All” or “Deny All” access to any of the records listed, or the admin can choose to edit the member’s permissions in a more detailed way by clicking on the “edit permissions” icon for any location



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