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Training Preparation Checklist




Familiarize yourself with the training content and virtual reality (VR) equipment. Learners will almost certainly ask questions you haven’t considered. Familiarity with the content and equipment will allow you to confidently answer any questions.


Use this checklist to help you prepare to deliver the training:

  • Acquire all necessary equipment listed in the HTC VIVE Equipment List section of the Trainer Guide.
  • Enroll your learner(s) in the applicable module(s) and confirm they have their login credentials.
  • Test screen casting to a TV, monitor, or projector screen.
  • Review the Equipment Use section of the Trainer Guide.
    • You need to know how to use the controllers, get into the headset, and use the equipment safely before you assist your learners.
    • Fully charge the headset(s) and controller(s) before a training session.
  • Set up a training space for your personal review session in the module.
  • Review the entire module in the VR headset.
  • Review the Module Overview section of the Trainer Guide, particularly the module’s Control Test Outline and Practice/Evaluation Answer Key.
  • Review the How to Approach section of the Trainer Guide.
  • Schedule the classroom and/or individual session(s):
    • Reserve a training room with a large open space,
    • Block enough time for setup before the training start time,
    • Send out invites to learners, and
    • Inform their supervisors of the training session details.
  • Gather additional supplies or props you plan to use in your training session, including:
    • A chair (for a seated VR scenario),
    • Notecards,
    • Pens and pencils, and
    • Any policies your company has on the training topic.
  • Arrive early on the day of the training session to set up and make sure all your equipment is working properly.
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