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Available Training Components





Virtual Reality (VR) Training is comprised of a variety of components to help you customize your training session to the extent you prefer. Keep in mind, how you incorporate these components is up to you. How you use them will depend on several factors, including your training needs, your audience size and experience, and how much time you have. You are not expected to use every component.


The available training components are described below.


Trainer Guide

The trainer guide is designed to help you plan and prepare for VR training sessions. It can also be used as a guide while you conduct your training. It includes a Training Preparation Checklist that will help keep you organized and equipped to assist your learners.


Access the trainer guide here:  J.J. Keller Virtual Reality Trainer Guide 

PowerPoint® Presentation

The PowerPoint® presentation is designed to help you conduct a Classroom Session to introduce your learners to VR and the training program. It also includes notes and icons that indicate points in the training at which it would be ideal to incorporate a handout or video if desired. Encourage learners to take notes on anything they want to discuss further. Be sure to allow enough time for questions and answers. The best time to schedule an Individual Session with learners is directly after this presentation.


The handouts are designed to enhance the content during your PowerPoint® presentation. They also serve as a resource during individual sessions or to review for refresher training.


The videos are designed to complement or replace portions of the PowerPoint® presentation. Some serve as an introduction to the topic and some help by visually explaining a process.

Answer Keys

The answer keys are designed to help you identify the correct actions and responses in the Practice and Evaluation modes. Use them to assist your learners or answer questions.

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