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Downloading Trainings

Certain trainings are available for download to the mobile device so the training can be completed uninterrupted if there is a loss in internet connection (4G/5G/WiFi).

Some notes about downloading courses:

  • Courses can only be downloaded while connected to WiFi.
  • Each downloadable course is 200-300MB


Trainings available for download will have an icon displayed in the lower right corner.



Tap the icon to begin the download.  A message will be displayed at the top indicating that the download is in progress and the icon on the training will change indicating that the download is in progress.



Downloaded courses can be viewed by going to the menu in the upper right and selecting Manage Downloads.

clipboard_e117b7ea73fcbaf4ab3b2b0d8ec8a594e.png         clipboard_ed4c759b12f49b8282996504f7077c07c.png


Tap the name of the course to view it.  Courses can be removed from the device by select the three vertical dots in the upper right.



Select the trainings to remove and then select Remove Download(s).


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