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Dash Camera Remote Wakeup

When a camera has remote wakeup settings configured, and is connected to power (plugged in to a power source that is providing power-OBDII, auxiliary power outlet), it will remain in a dormant state when the vehicle is off. Requesting a Video Recall from a dormant camera will attempt to wake up the camera automatically and allow the video to be retrieved immediately, rather than needing to wait until the next time the vehicle is running. 


The Recall request will appear as Pending on the Video Recall page while the camera is woken up and the video is retrieved, which will typically take about 5-10 minutes assuming the camera has proper cell connectivity available. Once the camera is woken up, it will remain on for the length configured in the camera's Ignition Delay setting before returning to the dormant state (the current default is 10 minutes).  


If a camera in dormant mode detects low voltage from the vehicle for a certain period of time, the camera will power itself off completely to prevent running down the vehicle's battery.


*There is no action required of the user to enable Remote Wakeup

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