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Encompass Video Dashboard

The Video Dashboard displays a summary of all your fleet’s event activities for the last 30 days. Access the Dashboard by going to Video Video Dashboard.


The dashboard defaults to display data from the last 30 days. To change the date range, select different dates using the calendars. (A maximum of 90 days can be selected as the date range from the start to end date.)



Video Status Queue

The Video Status Queue displays the total number of events in each of the process steps for the last 30 days.



Events by Event Score

The Events by Event Score summary shows a circle chart with a legend of how all events were scored for the last 30 days. Event score percentages are calculated using the score applied to each event over the selected time period. Percentages in grey, green, or red indicate the % change from the previous time period for that score. (ie. Last 7 days compared to the 7 days before that period.) If N/A, then the system didn’t find a previous time period equal to the number of days selected in the time range above.



Driver Ranking

A driver’s rank is determined by the scored events over the time period selected. Scores are added and/or deducted from the driver’s initial score of 99 to derive their score and place in the driver ranking for the time period selected.



Event Type Statistics Queue

The Event Type Statistics section displays the event type occurrences ranked by driver of that event type for the specific time period.


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