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Encompass Video: Checking Camera Status

To determine the status/"health" of your camera/s, first go to Video > Configuration > Device Associations.



Locate the Last HeartbeatLast Processed Event, and Connection Status columns.

  • Last Heartbeat: The last time the camera was showing active and online
  • Last Processed Event: Indicates the last time a video was processed or pulled from the camera memory card
  • Connection Status: Indicates if there is/isn't any power going to the camera
    • Online: Vehicle is powered on, camera has power to it, and has a network connection
    • Offline: Vehicle may be powered off; camera may not be plugged in; network issues may be preventing the camera from connecting to the server.

Note: If the vehicle is on or the camera light is green, but the status is displaying "Offline" in Encompass, please email support at



What if my camera is offline?

There are a few things you can check:

  • Is the camera getting power?
    • This is indicated by a green power light on the camera
  • If the camera is not powering on:
    • We have a simple test that would need to be performed to understand what is not working. We need to determine if the camera is not working, or if the power cable is not working. You will need to remove the camera from the current unit and test it in a working unit. This only takes a few minutes to complete.
      • To swap cameras: There is one screw that holds the camera into the mount; this will need to be removed. The camera is then connected via a single plug about 12 inches from the camera. (It may be tucked into the top molding of the truck ceiling, but it should be accessible.) Once unplugged, you can plug the camera into another unit and test the camera. This test will determine what parts need to be sent for replacement. Email the results of the test swap to

cam screw - swap.png  dash cam plug - swap.png



If there are no processed events/it appears that the camera isn't creating events, you will want to confirm that the Micro SD memory card is working correctly. If the 6th and 7th icons on the camera are illuminated red (see below), this may indicate that the camera is not recognizing the memory card and the camera is unable to record video. Please replace the Micro SD Card with a "High Speed Class 10 Micro SD" memory card as soon as possible. Contact support with any questions:

Camera showing memory card issue.png

If the Satellite icon (#3) is lit red, this would indicate that the GPS is not coming through to the camera. If the camera's GPS is not functioning, on a video recall it would say "Invalid Positioning Data". The camera will also not be able to generate speeds; since most events are speed-based. events might not trigger automatically. Please reach out to and advise that the GPS or satellite icon is lit red, or that GPS might not be working correctly and needs to be reset.

satellite red.png


Why Am I Receiving a "No Fleet Found" Message?

If you have multiple locations (ie. are a "Virtual" account), the cameras will need to be assigned to the appropriate location before the Video button will become active in Encompass. You may see the message "No Fleet Found, Video has not been setup for this user" if the camera has not been assigned to the appropriate location.

Please reach out to support by emailing, and provide the Camera Serial Number and the location the camera will need to be assigned to in Encompass.


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