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J. J. Keller Support Center

Dash Cam Audible Alerts Information

Audible alarms are not enabled at shipment. To enable audible alarms, please contact J. J. Keller Technical Support:833-933-0971 OR


Audible alarms are reinforced visually with a red light, blinking three times in the second alarm icon.


Event Name Event Behavior Detected Event Audio Alarm
Driver Fatigue Driver closes eyes Please rest now!
Distracted Driver Driver distracted in camera Driver distraction
Cell Phone Phone in camera Phone detected

Driver View Obstructed*

*coming soon

No driver in camera No driver detected
Forward Collision Warning Forward collision possible Collision warning, collision warning
Pedestrian Collision Warning Pedestrian on road Pedestrian warning
Tailgating Following too close Unsafe following distance
Speed Limit Violation Speed limit Over speed warning
Stop Sign Violation Stop sign Watch out for stop sign
Driver Initiated Custom button pressed one time Panic alarm


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