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How to Use Multi-User Functionality

Multi-User Functionality, also known in the home screen Menu as Add Additional Users, allows multiple Encompass® ELD users/drivers to log in and maintain their HOS records on one device, as opposed to each user/driver needing their own device.  This is mostly used with Hyrail users.
Note: The function needs to be enabled in Encompass before it's reflected in the Encompass® ELD application. Enabling this feature turns off the ability to use Team Driving. 

Login Process for Multi-User

The first driver logs into the Encompass® ELD application as normal.  Once they reach the Encompass® ELD dashboard, go to Menu > Add Additional Users.



Tap OK on the safety warning.  The next driver then logs in with their username and password.



If exempt logs are an option for your drivers, the user will be presented with the option to select their log type.


If the driver only has the option for standard logs, they'll be directed straight to the duty status page.  Select the appropriate duty status and press Submit Status.



Next, is the Trip Information screen.  The information listed here is pulled from the first driver that logged in.  Make note of the tip at the bottom: change the information here if it is different from the first driver.  Press OK. It will then take the user to the Encompass® ELD dashboard.



Repeat these steps for each additional users, for up to 5 additional users.

Switching between Active Users 

Click on the driver name at the top left in the green bar on the Encompass® ELD dashboard.



Select the driver to switch over to.  If this person should become the active driver, meaning that any future recorded drive time should be placed on their log, check the box for Assume Driving Responsibilities. Press OK.


While the vehicle is in motion, any other users already logged can switch user context by selecting Additional User - Switch on the left-hand side and view their hours of service information.



Logout Process for Multi-User

The logout process is the same as when not using multi-user.  Tap Logoff in the lower right hand corner of the Encompass® ELD dashboard screen and logout.  There will be a message indicating that there are additional users that need to logout and direct to those users dashboards to logout.



Note: Each user must individually certify and submit their logs.


The driver name must be indicated in the green navigation bar in order to log out.

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