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How to Use Hyrail

Encompass® ELD allows hyrail drivers to distinguish between on-duty hyrail time and standard on-duty driving. This functionality is first enabled in the back office by the company Encompass administrator. 


Logging Into Hyrail Mode

When logging into Encompass® ELD, the driver is prompted to select their duty status.  If, upon starting their day, they are immediately going to be using hyrail functionality, they can select the checkbox here with the On-Duty Not Driving bubble selected.



If they aren't immediately starting in a hyrail status, they can leave this box unchecked and log into hyrail mode at a later time. From the Encompass® ELD dashboard, tap on the duty status in the green bar, or select Menu > New Status in the upper right hand corner.

Click on duty status in the green navigation bar on the home screen.  

clipboard_e4fa28fbcfa6a435cc05125cdcc0eeffa.png                     clipboard_e53dae7ec8151cfba8098dcfb196e6075.png

When the status of On-Duty Not Driving (Android) or On Duty (iPhone®/iPad®) is selected, a check box for Utilize Hyrail Functionality will become available.  Select the checkbox and press OK.





Now the driver is in Hyrail mode. When the vehicle moves, the driver's time will be recorded as On-Duty Hyrail, not counting against their standard On-Duty/Drive time. 


Viewing Log - Hyrail Mode

Log Remarks View - Will automatically display a Remark indicating Hyrail use and the time started.



Clocks View - 



Logging Out of Hyrail Mode

When drivers are finished utilizing the hyrail functionality, they can logout of hyrail by going back to Menu > New Status or tap on their duty status in the green bar.  Uncheck the box for Utlize Hyrail Functionality (if remaining on duty), or change their status to their needed status, and press OK.

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