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Adding/Editing Log Events in Encompass® ELD for iPhone®/iPad®





The ELD Mandate allows drivers the ability to edit today's log, previous days' logs, as well as adding log events. When editing a log, there are two things the driver needs to keep in mind:

  1. If there isn't already a log created for that day, an off duty log will have to be created first before being able to edit the log.
  2. Any automatically recorded driving events are unable to be edited.



Tap on the View Log icon from the Encompass® ELD Dashboard.



At the bottom of the screen, tap Edit Log (if this option is not visible, tap on More on the far right)



The driver will then see the edit log screen which will show them their log for that day. 

  • If a previous day needs to have changes made to it, tap the Log Date to change the date.
  • Next to each duty status change, there will be a link for Edit.
  • At the bottom of the list of duty status changes, there will be a link to Add Log Event.



Adding an ELD Event

Tap on Add Log Event to get to the Add ELD Event screen.

  1. Log Date - The log date is populated based on which log was being viewed on the prior screen.
  2. Status - (required) Select the appropriate duty status.
  3. Start Time - (required) Enter the start time of the duty status.
  4. End Time - (required) Enter the end time of the duty status.
  5. Location - (required) Enter the location in which the duty status started.
  6. Unit Number - Enter the unit number involved, if applicable.
  7. Trailer Number - Enter the trailer number involved, if applicable.
  8. Shipment Info - Enter what is being hauled, if applicable.
  9. Ruleset - If the rule set needs to be changed, tap on the rule set and select the appropriate one.
  10. Annotation - (required) Enter the reason why the event is being added.

Once all of the necessary information is added, tap Apply in the upper right hand corner.



The event is then shown on the log for that day.



Additionally, the new status will be displayed on the grid in green, denoting that it was an edit made to the log.



Editing ELD Events

In the following example, the status at 8:00AM needs to be changed from Off Duty to On Duty. From the Edit Log page, tap Edit next to the duty status that needs to be changed.



Tap on the status, and select the new status needed. In this case, On-Duty Not Driving is selected.



Scroll down and enter in an annotation for the status as to why the status needed to be changed. Tap Apply in the upper right hand corner to save the changes.



The 8AM status is now changed from Off Duty to On-Duty Not Driving.



The grid also displays the changes made in green, denoting that the log was edited from the original.




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