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Reassign Vehicle Tracker to Different Unit in Encompass

To reassign a vehicle tracker in Encompass, go to Settings > Vehicles tab > Encompass Device Settings section > Connected Device List.

clipboard_edc241323717f3a8b3c86d0a2e0b432b5.png  > clipboard_e352c6548a616cec7456f74be78592391.png   clipboard_e9cb23e0df70e3b2f1a5d3b52c66020b3.png

Select the All Vehicle Trackers tab.


Locate the Tracking Device needing to be reassigned. Hover and click the Edit pencil.


Search for and select the correct unit the vehicle tracking device needs to be assigned to. Click Save when finished.

clipboard_e52649c3faf2e5e90403f5a11b7d8a893.png  clipboard_e3bb24b9906efc12da338910987fbd291.png


Now the updated Unit will display in the tracking device information line.


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