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J. J. Keller Support Center

Inspection Information

Go to Vehicles > Service. Find the unit using the search function, advanced filters, or by finding the unit in the pre-populated list.


Click on the unit code to open up the unit's file.


Click Add New from the Inspections section.


Enter any necessary information for the inspection.

  • Enter a Date for the inspection (this is required)
  • Select the Type of inspection (This list is customizable by the company's administrator. These inspections could be vehicle inspections, roadside inspections, or any other general inspections that a company completes for a unit.)
  • Select the Result of the inspection (This list is customizable by the company's administrator.)
  • Enter the Cost of Repair, if any.
  • Select the State in which the inspection occurred.
  • Enter any additional Notes, as desired.

Once all information is entered, click Save to store the inspection.


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