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Team Driving - Shared Device

KellerMobile allows team drivers to use the same smart device to track their hours of service.  If Login - Team Driver is not an option at login, contact the company Encompass Administrator. 

Team Driving Login Instructions - Shared Device 

  1. Launch KellerMobile.
  2. Enter Username and Password. Click Login - Team Driver.
  3. The driver will be presented with the Perform ELD Discovery screen. The second driver does not see this screen unless the first user does not perform an ELD discovery.
  4. The driver that logs in first will be presented with two options - Shared Device and Separate Device. Driver should click on Shared Device
  5. On the Duty Status selection screen the driver should chose the correct duty status and click Submit Status.
  6. Each driver will fill in their own Trip Information as this information is passed through to the second driver. If logs are missing, an alert will display. Click OK when complete. 
  7. At this point the driver can decide to have Driver #2 Login OR go directly to the KellerMobile home screen. The second driver will have the ability to log him/herself into KellerMobile via a shortcut.
  8. If the second driver wants to log in, he/she should click Driver #2 Login.  
  9. Driver #2 should read and click OK to the safety warning.
  10. Driver #2 should login with their User Name and Password. Click OK. 
  11. Driver #2 should select the appropriate duty status and click Submit Duty Status.
  12. The trip information screen will appear and it will be populated with the values Driver #1 entered. Driver #2 can change this information if necessary. If Driver #2 has missing logs, an alert will display on this screen.
  13. If both drivers choose On Duty Status, the Select Team Driver will appear to allow drivers to select who will drive first. Click on the name of the driver who will drive first. 
  14. The home screen will appear. Notice the new team driving icon in the green bar, as well as the steering wheel icon to show which driver is driving. 
  15. When it is time to switch who is driving, one of the drivers must tap the name displayed in the green bar. A Switch KellerMobile User screen will display.
  16. Click the Select User dropdown and choose the new driver.
  17. Check the Assume Driving Responsibilities box. Click OK
  18. The second driver's name will now display in the green navigation bar.
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