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J. J. Keller Support Center

Team Driving - Shared Device - iPhone®/iPad®

Encompass® ELD allows team drivers to use the same smart device to track their hours of service.  If Team Driver Login is not an option at login, contact the company Encompass Administrator. 


Enter the Username and Password. Toggle Team Driver Login on (showing green). Click Login.

The user will also be presented with the ELD Discovery screen if the ELD is not connected to the mobile device.


The user that logs in first will be presented with two options - Shared Device and Separate Device; select Shared Device. Then, tap Choose.


Select the appropriate duty status and then tap Next..


Each user will fill in their own Trip Information, however, the information Driver 1 enters here will be automatically filled in for Driver 2. Driver 2 will only need to amend the information if their trip information varies. Tap OK when complete.

If logs are missing, an alert will display.



At this point, the user can decide to have Driver #2 Login OR go directly to the Encompass® ELD home screen. (The second user will have the ability to log themselves into Encompass® ELD via Menu once at the Encompass® ELD Dashboard.)  If the second user wants to login at this point, select Driver #2 Login. Then, click Next. Continue with the below instructions to log in Driver #2.



The second user should press OK to the safety warning, and then log in with their username and password. Press Login.


The second driver will then go through the same login process that the first driver: selecting the appropriate duty status and enter trip information. Any information entered by Driver 1 will carry over to Driver 2, however, this information can be edited if necessary.




If both users choose On Duty for their status, the Select Team Driver screen will appear to select who will drive first. Select the name of the driver who will drive first. Then, tap Choose.



The home screen will appear. Notice the new team driving icon in the green bar, as well as the steering wheel icon to show which user is marked as the driver.  This means that any driving that occurs will be applied to that driver's log.


When it is time to switch who is driving, one of the drivers must tap the name displayed in the green bar on the dashboard. The Switch User screen will be displayed.  Select the appropriate driver by clicking the arrow in the User field. Once selected, if the next driving segment should be on their log, toggle on Assume Driving Responsibilities. Press OK.



The other driver's name will now display in the green bar with the steering wheel icon next to their name, indicating that they are marked as the driver and any drive time recorded will be placed on their log.