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Fuel Import

Note: Any fuel card provider that can provide a file meeting the specifications below can be used to import fuel purchases

In order for the import to work, the data file provided by the fuel card provider must meet these requirements:

  • Fixed length text file. Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, or tab-delimited files will not work.
  • All fuel purchases must be set to the same time zone in the file.
  • Unit Codes must be identical between Encompass and the data file.
  • Dates, costs, and fuel quantities cannot include any punctuation (Ex: Date: 08222018= good, Date: 08/22/2018 = bad, Cost: 12050 = good, Cost: 120.50 = bad).
  • Data must include:
    • Unit Code
    • Fuel Amount (Gallons or Liters)
    • Date of Purchase
    • State of Purchase
  • Unit number MUST be identified on each fuel transaction (only having the driver will not be sufficient).


Once the import file has been obtained from the provider, a schema needs to be added for the fuel to import into Encompass. The schema will be specific to the file setup for your provider. This schema is added in Setup > Maintain Fuel Tax Info > FTM Fuel Import. Click Add new...




For directions on running your import or for help setting up and import, contact Encompass product support at 1-800-327-1342 or

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