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Performance Management Settings

Performance Management settings are found by going to Setup in the drop-down in the upper right hand corner.



Click on Company Level Listing in the Maintain Company Info box.



Click Edit Rules next to the appropriate company level.



Scroll down to the section titled Encompass® ELD Rules. Driving Start Distance, Driving Start Speed, and Driving Stop Time are all settings regarding Hours of Service.  The remaining settings are for Performance Management.

  • Max Acceptable Tachometer - Maximum value for an RPM reading before an alert is generated
  • Max Acceptable Speed - Maximum speed reading accepted until an alert is generated
  • Hard Brake Deceleration - Deceleration rate in which a Hard Braking Event is defined
  • Days Before Not Utilized - The number of days in which an ELD does not report information before it is marked as not utilized and removed from utilization reports
  • Average Idle Time per day of operation - Maximum number of minutes a vehicle can report idling before an alert is generated
  • Target Fuel Economy - Goal MPH for units
  • Max Hard Braking Occurrences per Day - Maximum amount of times a unit can report a hard braking event before generating an alert
  • Is Unit Performance Reportable? - Turns on report ability for units
  • Is Employee Performance Reportable? - Turns on report ability for employees


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