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Rehiring a Terminated Employee

There may be instances when a terminated employee gets rehired by a company.  If the terminated employee file is still within Encompass, they can be rehired and put into an active status.


Go to Driver Management > Employees. From there, select All Terminated Employees.



Click on the name of the employee that should be rehired.



Click Edit next to Personal Information.



Change the employment status from Terminated to the appropriate employment status. Enter any additional information that is needed on this screen. Note: The Date of Hire could be the original date of hire prior to termination, or their new rehire date, based on how the company keeps their records. 


Click Save the store the information.



A success message will then be displayed along with the Personal Information section reflected the new employment status and the termination date being removed.



The employee will then be viewed as an active employee.

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