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Video Events



Video Event Statistics

You can show the event statistics for a given filter used by selecting the expansion arrow on the right side of the blue Video Events bar near the top of the page. To close the dropdown, click the arrow again.



Video Event Icons

You will notice that there are various icons showcased on each video event. Each icon is associated with an event type. The event type icons are as follows:

Harsh Cornering

Monitors when g-force event thresholds are broken when the vehicle turns, based on the slider. Rules can be adjusted for use with passenger vehicles, pickup trucks, step vans, or heavy-duty vehicles. If the vehicle is larger, then the conditions should be more sensitive.

Harsh Braking

Monitors when g-force event thresholds are broken when brakes are applied, based on the slider. Rules can be adjusted for use with passenger vehicles, pickup trucks, step vans, or heavy-duty vehicles. If the vehicle is larger, then the conditions should be more sensitive.

Harsh Acceleration

Monitors when g-force event thresholds are broken during vehicle acceleration, based on the slider. Rules can be adjusted for use with passenger vehicles, pickup trucks, step vans, or heavy-duty vehicles. If the vehicle is larger, then the conditions should be more sensitive.

Collision Detected

When the GO device detects a g-force event of 2.5 in one second, in any direction, possible collision is activated.

Forward Collision Warning (FCW) 

This sensor indicates eminent collision with vehicle in front of you.

clipboard_e0b84243f2106ea040cb30227d7f54824.pngPedestrian Collision Warning (PCW)
This sensor detects pedestrian in your path.

Driver Fatigue

The Driver-facing camera will notice eyes closing or head dropping, trigger an in-cab warning, and create a video event.


The measurement of “following distance” in seconds between you and vehicle in front of you – R watch displays values less than 2.1 seconds.

Cell Phone Usage
The Driver-facing camera will trigger an in-cab warning and create a video when the driver is using a cell phone.

Distracted Driver
This event occurs when the driver looks down or away from the straight-ahead position for more than “x” number of seconds. The number of seconds is configurable by the end user.


This symbol displays when multiple events occur at the same time.



Video Events Navigation

In the top selection bar, you will be able to filter video event results by All Events, Driver, Vehicles, Event Status, Start and End Date. You can also toggle on flagged videos, download video event details, and change your page view.

All Events: By default, all
events are selected. You can
select specific events from
the drop-down menu.


Driver: By default, all drivers' video events are shown in the Video Events main screen. Choose a driver from the dropdown menu to view their specific video event data. (You can also include inactive drivers.)


To remove the filter, click the X in the Driver field.


Vehicles: By default, all vehicles
are shown in the Video Events main screen. To select a specific vehicle, click the dropdown for Vehicles.


To remove the filter, click the X in the Vehicles field.


Event Status: Displays the status of the events (New,
In Progress, etc.) To view specific event statuses, click the dropdown to display a menu of options. You can select to view more than one type of Event Status.


Start and End Date: Various options are available to
view video events. You can choose to view video events for just one day, the “Last 7 Days”, “Last 30 Days”, or select a specific range of dates.





Flagged Videos

Toggle on to see all videos that have been flagged within the parameters of the selected filters. This will only show the videos that have been flagged.


Export Videos

Export a list of video events into a CSV file.



You can view the video events in a gridor list format.
Grid View:
Shows video thumbnails in a grid format, allowing quick viewing, scoring, flagging, etc.



List View:

Shows video events in a list format with various details like event type, driver, etc. Clicking on an individual event will open the event in an expanded, full screen view.  clipboard_ec4ce9209dd916977842e44a0fd971a9f.png

Viewing Video Events

There are a few ways to view, score, flag and save video events: via the thumbnail view on the main Video Events page, or in an expanded view.

Thumbnail View

Play Video:
Click on the blue play button within the event’s thumbnail to view the video.


Score Video Event:
The star button will allow you to score the event. See Scoring Video Event below for details on scoring.


Flag Video Event:
The flag button will allow you to flag an event to review it later.


Download Video Event:
Save the video to your device by clicking the Download button.



Expanded View

To view the video event full screen, hover over the lower right corner of the thumbnail video. Click the arrows to expand the video event.


Play Video in Expanded View:
To play an individual video, click on the yellow “play” arrow on the desired event, or select the “PLAY ALL” button to play all videos of the event.



Download Video:
To download and save the videos to your computer, hover in the upper right-hand corner of the desired video (each one downloads separately) and click on the “download” icon.


Edit Driver:

If no driver, or the wrong driver, is associated with the video, click on the pencil icon next to the Driver in the righthand Event Details section to edit. This will open a pop-up box to select from a list of drivers. Use the down arrow to reveal drivers and select the correct one.



Flag Video

To flag a video, click on the white flag next to the driver’s name. It will turn red and indicate who the event was flagged by.


Score Video

Click on the “star” next to the Event Details. Scoring options will pop up. Select “D” to dismiss the event in case the system picked up a non-event. Click “+” for
positive behaviors or select a number to mark the event’s infraction severity.


The chart below is simply a recommendation of how to use the scoring criteria. Your company ultimately has discretion over how to use these scoring criteria for your employees.


Bulk Scoring (or Dismissal)

Video events can be scored and/or dismissed in bulk. On the Video Events page, click on the "roster"/list view on the right.


Then, check the box next to each video event you are looking to score/dismiss. Click Score (or Dismiss) to continue.


Select the desired scoring. Click Confirm. Remember, this will attach the same score to each selected event.



Send Message to Driver

To notify or coach the driver on the event, you can send a message via text or email.

Select the “Text Message” option from the Send To Driver section. Enter a phone number. Texts can be sent to anyone, not just the driver.
NOTE: Standard text messaging rates will apply


Select the “Email” option from the Send To Driver
section. Enter an email address. Emails can be
sent to anyone, not just the driver.


Action Taken

In the Action Taken section, click on the drop-down arrow and select the action taken on the event. This can be changed or updated at any time. The action can also be marked with “DISMISS” or “COMPLETE” but can “REOPEN” if needed.


Event Comments

Reviewers can add general comments to the event. These comments are separate from the Driver Comments section which contains any comments sent by the driver in their response.


Driver Comments

The driver will receive an email or text with the video event and details to review. The driver can “accept” or “discuss” the event. If the driver chooses to “discuss”, they can add in their own comments. If chosen to discuss, the video event will be marked in the dashboard as “Driver Disputed”.

vp driver comments2.jpgclipboard_e73a6901437ae158764ac6fd5383e60ca.png

Court Reporter

The Court Reporter is a running list of all actions taken on the video event, including views, status changes, and comments. Click on the “Court Reporter” tab to see all the history.


Downloading Court Reporter Comments

To download the Court Reporter, click on the “download” icon in the Court Reporter tab. This will download into an Excel file.


Speed Graph

The speed graph shows the beginning and ending speed throughout the event.


Map Window

The map window displays where the event occurred on a map.


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