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Video Recall

Because the video camera continuously records video while the vehicle ignition is on, the Video Recall function provides the ability to recall video at any specific time that the camera was recording. This is useful when the user desires to review video footage when an actual video event has not been triggered by the system.


From the VideoProtects main menu, select Video Recall.


View Recalled Videos

There are two ways to view previously recalled videos: directly in the Recalled Videos tab, or within Video Events.

View in Video Recall Tab

The videos you have recalled will populate in the recalled videos screen, given that there were recalled videos in the specified timeframe. You can filter to select specific vehicles, start, and end dates. You can also view the videos in a list or tiled format.


View in Video Events Tab

Navigate to the Video Events page from the VideoProtects menu, change the Event filter to Video Recall, and enter the Start and End Date values to view the recalled video/s.


Request/Recall a Video

In order to recall a video, use the dialogue box in the Recalled Videos section to identify the vehicle, the event date, the event time, and duration of the video event. Once the choices have been selected, click on the “Request Video” button.

*The Time entered should be the same time/timezone in which the event occurred.


A message will appear saying “Video Recall has been requested”. If the vehicle is currently powered on, the video will be retrieved soon. If the vehicle is not powered on, the video will be retrieved when it is powered back on. When the recalled video request has been processed, it will populate in the Recalled Videos view. Note: You may need to use the filters at the top (by date or vehicle) in order to find the specific recalled video.



Recalled Video Actions

In the Recalled Videos tab, there are several actions you can take with a recalled video.

clipboard_e2dfa04d669b8166050001b98968c1e48.png clipboard_e012d3c789ee29735769c5f262e476aa4.png clipboard_e7ed1dd8ce49095b021b631e2a180501a.png
The Promote button will “promote” a recalled video into the same workflow of a generated event where it can be analyzed, scored, etc. The Download button allows the user to download the video to their local device.

The Delete Video Recall button deletes the video from the recalled videos list.


Click on a recalled video to open further details and video channels.


On the Video Details page you can play all of the videos, view the status of the recalled video, watch individual videos, view speed and location, etc.


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