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Purchasing A La Carte Enrollments in TMC

If you do not have a subscription and/or would like to purchase a la carte Enrollments, you can do so by going to the Pricing tab and selecting Buy Enrollments.


You are brought to your shopping cart. On the right, simply increase the number to your desired amount of standard/video enrollments by clicking the plus (+) sign. The total will begin to reflect the number of enrollments chosen.



Promo Code

If you received a promo code, you can apply that in the Promo Code field.



Add Enrollment Title for Report

For reporting purposes, you can add a "title" that will appear for this purchase/enrollment.



When you are ready to purchase the enrollments, click Checkout.


Currently, you can have an invoice sent to your company by checking the Bill My Company box. Once you click Submit at the bottom right, an Order Summary will display.




For enrollment history information, see: Enrollment History in TMC

For information on purchasing Video Credits, see: Purchasing Videos in TMC

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