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Creating a Classroom in TMC

Classroom Programs are instructor-led trainings/programs conducted in the classroom and on the job. You can utilize classroom programs created by J.J. Keller®, or you can create your own and add supporting materials like PowerPoint® presentations, quizzes, and more.


This article will walk through how to build/add your own Classroom Program.


You can access Classrooms from the Dashboard, or by clicking Classroom Programs from the Catalog tab.




Click + New Classroom



Add applicable Classroom details such as the name of the Classroom, type, duration, frequency (ex. How often should a Learner participate in this program/how often should a Trainer host this program), and any applicable industries. Click Save and Continue when ready to move on.


Click +Add Section.

(Note: You can also add Classroom Sections/Assets/Training Materials after the Classroom is created.)


Enter a title for the Section and click Submit.


Next, you need to add assets (ie. file uploads, handouts, etc.) from the Training Asset Library (or upload your own). Click +Add Asset. (Add Asset in the gray box will also allow you to add an asset to that section.)


Select a J.J. Keller training asset by checking the box next to the desired asset. Or upload your own. Click Save near the bottom right when finished.


  • Click the filter button to search for specific assets and narrow down results.
  • You can increase the number of results on the page and/or sift through the pages of results by using the results/pagination features near the bottom right of the table.
  • You can Copy the training asset and upload your own file to it by clicking Copy in the asset.
  • You can Download the training asset to your device to view its contents.
  • Click Upload Document to upload your own file to use for your Classroom.



Continue adding Sections and Assets as needed to build your classroom. When completely finished, click Create Classroom.




Additional Actions:

Click Edit or Delete under the Section to perform edit/delete actions.


Under each asset, you can also Copy to create a new asset, Download the asset file, or Delete the asset altogether.


You can reorganize the sections by using the arrows on the right of the Section title. To reorganize Assets, click, hold, and drag the stack of dots to move an Asset to a new location.


Next, you can create Training Events for your Classroom Programs or programs pre-built in Training Management Center. For more information, visit: Adding Classroom Training Events.

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