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J. J. Keller Support Center

Uploading Pre-Written Plans and Policies


Select Plans & Policies.



Search by Title or Topic and click Search.


Download the template by clicking Download beneath the title, or under the File Type column.


Open the downloaded template from your browser. If there are any security prompts, select Allow. The template will open in a Microsoft Word document. The document may not be initially editable due to loading in Protected View.  Click Enable Editing towards the top if prompted.


Insert company-specific information into gray text fields. Tab to auto-fill same info throughout document.


Complete rest of fill-in fields.

Save the document to your computer.


Back in Safety Management Suite, click Add New.



Click Choose a File... 


Browse to the location on your computer where the document was saved. Choose the saved document and click Open.

Complete all Required Fields. These are denoted by a red asterisk (*):

  • Title: This will automatically populate with the file name of the selected file.  This can be edited.
  • Added By: This will automatically populate your name based on your user information.
  • Effective Date: When is this policy effective?
  • Type


Complete any optional fields for tagging making searching for the document easier. If desired, provide a description for the plan/policy. Click Save at the bottom of the page.


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