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Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection VR Training Program Overview





A driver can make sure their vehicle is safe and operates efficiently by conducting proper vehicle inspections. This task is a regulatory requirement for drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs).

Vehicle inspections can help drivers find mechanical problems before they cause a breakdown or accident. This can help them avoid costly on-the-road repairs as well as delays in deliveries.

A thorough inspection can also help drivers avoid citations and out-of-service orders during a roadside inspection.


This training program is designed to allow learners to practice and then demonstrate proficiency in completing various pre-trip inspection processes.


Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection modules include:

  • Lights
  • Brake System
  • In Vehicle (Coming Soon)
  • Engine and Front Axle (Coming Soon)
  • Walk Around (Coming Soon)

Target Audience

This training applies to commercial motor vehicle drivers, matching the definition provided in §390.5.


The following federal regulations are related to this topic:

  • §392.7,
  • §392.8,
  • §392.9,
  • §392.11, and
  • §392.13.


Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspections: Your Life Depends on That Machine Video

This video covers three reasons drivers should care about doing vehicle inspections properly. It reinforces the reasons to pay attention during training and take it seriously.

Here is the direct link to this video:


Practice Mode Demo VIDEO

This video provides a demonstration of a small portion of the Practice Mode within J. J. Keller’s Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection: Lights virtual reality training module.

Here is the direct link to this video:

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