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J. J. Keller Support Center

Video Release (05/15/2024)


Area Description Reference ID
Video Events

Added a Delete button to the Video Events Grid/List Views and Video Event Details to allow users role to delete videos from the

Video Events page permanently.



126586, 118704, 117899, 135897

Video Recall

If a camera has remote wakeup settings configured and is connected to power (plugged in to a power source that is providing

power-OBDII, auxiliary power outlet), it will remain in a dormant state when the vehicle is off.  Requesting a Video Recall from a

dormant camera will attempt to wake up the camera automatically and allow the video to be retrieved immediately, 

rather than needing to wait until the next time the vehicle is running. 

Video Statistics The Event Type statistics tiles on the Video Dashboard and Video Events pages will now appear in alphabetical order.  80673
Device Association

The Edit Pairing functionality on the Device Associations page can now be used to update the vehicle associated with a camera,

which automatically deletes the old pairing and creates a new one. 

Device Association The 'Vehicles' filter will only include options for vehicles paired to devices. 132647
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