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Virtual Setup - Moving Units Between Company Locations

When an Encompass account is setup with multiple partitioned locations (known in J. J. Keller as a virtual setup), moving Employees and Units between these locations isn't the same as simply changing reporting levels like a basic setup (if it is unknown what kind of setup your company has, reach out to your system administrator).


To move a unit between different locations, go to Vehicle Management > Units and find the unit using the search on the left or one of the common views towards the middle.



Once the unit is found, click on the unit code to view the Unit File.



Scroll down until Other Tasks is seen on the left hand side of the page. Click Select New Company (if there are no options beneath Other Tasks, click the white triangle on the right side of the header to expand this section).



Select the company location that the unit is being moved to, and click Save.



If there are multiple reporting levels within that company location, select the reporting level the unit should be a member of. Click Save.



A success message will then be displayed.


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