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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass® ELD iOS 5/12/2021 (Version .262)


Area Description Reference ID
DVIR When starting a DVIR, prompt user to select a unit 15536
General Add 'Populate Location' button to Change duty status 15809
General Add 'Populate Location' button to Logout screen 15810
General Hard 60 character stop and validation prompt to user that annotation cannot exceed 60 characters (Edit ELD Event view) 18477
General Edit Event - Display distance for driving events 23686
General  Alert user Odometer Calibration cannot be performed if ignition is off 28779
General Tractor# missing on auto-recorded driving events 35918
General App has missing intermediate events when disconnected from ELD during login process but shows ELD still connected on RODS 36040
Hours of Service Allow continuation of special driving status at login screen 31133
Hours of Service Driver is able to edit special driving condition status and make automatically recorded special condition driving disappear 39144
Hours of Service Choosing Yard Move when in a YM status incorrectly removes YM 21531
Hours of Service Ensure all logs are being submitted to Encompass when clicking the submit button while logging out 27202
Hours of Service Remove Logout button and update Logout process workflow 28070
Hours of Service  Extra driving when driving under 5mph after an initial config 30939
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