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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass® ELD iOS 4/6/2022 (Version .274)


Area Description Reference ID
Hours of Service Inconsistent Display of 30 minute Exempt from Break feature 71166
Hours of Service Cleared Stored VIN on ELD when VIN does not match ECM VIN 31128
Hours of Service Editing a status from previous day creates a duplicate status for the the same 50338
Hours of Service Extra mileage added to log if Bluetooth is disconnected and reconnects when driving and driver has not claim the drive time 57550
Hours of Service Co-driver not listed in RSI report when separate devices are used (Team Driving) 13804
Hours of Service US Oilfield ruleset incorrectly allowing Off Duty Wellsite option  13863
Hours of Service Submit logs to Encompass prior to user Requesting Logs for US and Canadian HOS 41203
Hours of Service Logging into app and choosing Exempt Log results in multiple On Duty statuses 13866
Hours of Service Update to consistently apply user's distance unit setting from Encompass 63072
Hours of Service Update Available Hours to every 10 minutes if the data profile 'HOS + GPS' is on 13787
Hours of Service When using Exempt logs and prompted to create off duty logs, create them as Exempt logs 13635
Hours of Service Incorrect status is set at midnight if driver submits their logs the prior day while in that status  53109
Hours of Service Unidentified driving events are created every minute if driving begins while in process of logging in 51580
General Multiple updates to improve app performance Various
DVIRs Remarks not showing when reviewing previous DVIRs 13890
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