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Tamper Detect in VideoProtects

Tamper Detect is a process for checking on the health of the camera compared to the Geotab Go device within the same vehicle.


  • An alert will be generated if the Go device is ON and moving while the camera is OFF for three, consecutive 10-minute periods. (This does not mean 30 minutes of continuous driving. The alert will generate when the system receives three separate “pings” in a row of the Geotab device being on/moving and the Camera off.)  
  • Tamper Detect will resolve when the camera and Go device are both on and moving for three, consecutive 10-minute periods.

    If no "resolve" occurs in 24 hours, the system sends out another email, and every 24 hours after that until it is resolved.

  • A Tamper Detect alert will be sent to the email address and/or phone number entered in Settings.
  • A separate email or text will be sent to the email address or phone number entered in Settings when the alert has been resolved (cleared).


In your Geotab system, go to VideoProtects > Configuration > Settings


Toggle on if you would like to implement Tamper Detect notifications. Then check the box/es if you would like to receive Tamper Detect notifications via email and/or SMS/Text. Enter the desired email/phone number to receive the notifications. Remember to click Save when finished.


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