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Add/Edit Working Schedule

Working schedules can help by removing typical days you do not want to be used when calculating leave. For example, if you select a twelve-week time span for an employee's leave, you would not have to remove days the employee is not typically scheduled to work, or holidays.


Click the Locations tab.


Next to the location you need to add/edit a working schedule for, select the Calendar icon.


A list of existing working schedules for the selected location will display. Select the calendar icon next to an existing working schedule to Edit or Add a New Working Schedule.


If it's a new working schedule, provide a name for it.



There are two options when creating the schedule. NOTE: Select NOT-WORKING DAYS ONLY. For example, if one department only works Monday through Friday, you would select Sunday and Saturday as non-working days.

  • If the working schedule is generally consistent and there are specific holidays that aren't worked, use Option 1 to select the days of the week NOT worked and any holidays observed.


  • If the working schedule is irregular and varies, use the calendar in Option 2 to select specific, non-working days. Additionally, anything set in Option 1 can be modified here.


Once complete, select Save to store the working schedule.



About Scheduling Holidays

Whether or not to count a holiday as FMLA leave will depend upon if leave is being taken on a consecutive basis or on an intermittent/reduced schedule basis.

  • If leave is taken on a consecutive basis (in whole weeks), you should count the holiday as part of the employee's FMLA leave.
  • If leave is taken on an intermittent/reduced schedule basis, you should not count the holiday as part of the employee's FMLA leave (assuming the employee was not otherwise scheduled to work the holiday).
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