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Unit Performance Management Settings

Performance Management settings are found by going to Settings in the drop-down in the upper right hand corner.


Click on Company Level Listing in the Company Info box.




Next to the appropriate company level, find the 'box with pencil' icon; click to Edit Rules.



Scroll down to the section titled Encompass® ELD Mobile Rules. Driving Start Speed, and Driving Stop Time are all settings regarding Hours of Service. The remaining settings are for Performance Management.

  • Max Acceptable Tachometer (RPM)- Maximum value for an RPM reading before an alert is generated
  • Max Hard Braking Occurrences per Day - Maximum amount of times a unit can report a hard braking event before generating an alert
  • Max Acceptable Speed - Maximum speed reading accepted until an alert is generated
  • Hard Brake Deceleration - Deceleration rate in which a Hard Braking Event is defined
  • Days Before Not Utilized - The number of days in which an ELD does not report information before it is marked as not utilized and removed from utilization reports
  • Average Idle Time per day of operation - Maximum number of minutes a vehicle can report idling before an alert is generated
  • Target Fuel Economy - Goal MPH for units
  • Is Unit Performance Reportable? - Turns on report ability for units
  • Is Employee Performance Reportable? - Turns on report ability for employees


Click Save.

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