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J. J. Keller Support Center

Video Release (04/03/2024)


Area Description Reference ID
Video Recall The total maximum duration for a Video Recall was increased to 2 minutes.  126531
Video Recall

Updated the Video Recall Duration field so a combined maximum duration of two minutes is always available for selection in the

Time Before/After drop-downs.


Updated Export icons and modals for the Video Events, Device Association, and Event Details > Court Reporter to reference

"exporting" rather than "downloading".

Device Associations

Updated the export file generated on the Device Association page to add missing Connection Status column and relabeled existing

columns for clarity. 

Video Events Added an Event ID column to the CSV file generated by the Video Event Export functionality. 124568
Video Events Removed Event Type icons from Video Event Grid Tiles and Video Event statistics. 128248
Event Details Fixed issue where the Video Event Details map could inadvertently display the incorrect region.  131703

Removed the Company Name column from the Installers page due to redundancy. 

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