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New UI Updates (No Longer Updated)

This page is no longer active/updated. For Encompass Release Information/Notes, visit: Encompass Product Releases 

 We are continuously working to improve the product and fix any issues that have arisen. The information below shows the items that have been completed in the past releases and will be updated as fixes are implemented.

Released Work

Title Description Released Area Date Implemented
Extended Training Expiration Issue When the expiration date for a training is move to the next month, the results were inconsistent due to the month length variances. Training 05/23/2024
Clear and Assign actions available on Cleared Unassigned Events The icons for Assigning and Clearing Events were still showing for events that weren't still active.  When the user clicked on them they would get the error message that only active events can be assigned. HOS 05/23/2024
Repair Order Purge Not Working When using Repair Order Number and Completed Repair Orders Only in the purge, the function wasn't purging properly. Repair Order 05/23/2024
The Old Hour End field value isn’t displaying defaults to (value of the Ending Hour Meter in the previous record) Add first time. When adding a new instance for Hour Meter History the Old Hour End, which is the value of the most recent Hour Meter History, is not displaying a value. This value should be auto populating. Vehicle Focus 05/09/2024
Part on Hand Quantities for Inventory Locations Showing Negative Values When opening a part file and going to the inventory locations, the quantities of "Total On Hand" under "Fuel" are not showing the correct amounts Maintenance, Inspections, & Cost 05/09/2024
Unassigned Events process is skipping the driver selector screen When going through the process of assigning users to unassigned events, some users have experienced an issue where the system will automatically select a driver and skip to the next screen. Hours of Service 05/09/2024
Completed Courses Show in Enrollments Expiring Tab When some users have completed online courses, they have seen that when viewing the Enrollments Expiring tab, the completed course is being listed as incomplete with an expiration date. Training 05/09/2024
Extend Expiration for Training (Roster) is variable and inconsistent We have found an inconsistency with how a "month" is being conveyed when setting an expiration date for enrolled courses. Currently all months are being displayed as 31 days and do not account for months where there are only 30 or less days in the month Training 05/09/2024
Add Messages for Successes/Failures of Scanned Attachment Uploads

When users attach files to Encompass, a scanning function occurs that ensures the files are safe. An addition will be made to this function where if the scan fails, users will receive an alert.

Attachment Management 05/09/2024
Add File Scanning to Attachments Tab in Employee & Unit File The file scanning process will be receiving a remodel to ensure a more efficient and effect process is put in place. this remodel will include changes such as instructions on how the process works and alerts that show the status of the scanning process. Attachment Management 05/09/2024
Issues on Retrieve Attachments page for employees and units Some users have found that trying to retrieve attachments from Encompass, they have experienced issues with the access code that they receives as well as with interacting with the buttons on the retrieval page. Attachment Management 05/09/2024
Third Party Provider report report is causing a 500 error.  Sometimes when a user is on the Application Process tab and is needs to Request Additional Reports, when they check the third party provider checkbox and generate the report, they receive a 500 error.  Third Party Providers 04/30/2024
MVR request fails to send to Third Party Provider When users are attempting to request an MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) from a third party provider they are receiving an error message that states "Failed to send report request to the third party provider" Third Party Providers 04/30/2024
Error saving new unit indicates no fuel type or number of axles despite values being selected For users who have only one value available to be selected under "Fuel Type" and "Number of Axles", these values should auto populate when adding a new unit, but currently users are recieving an error message stating "A valid Fuel Type must be selected" and " Number of Axles is required" Vehicle Focus 04/24/2024
Date of Last Reading field value wiped out/blank in Current Odometer card when user deleting Odometer History record  When deleting odomoter history records it appears as though some users have been seeing an issue where the date of last reading for the current odometer card is empty. This field should be populated at all times Vehicle Focus 04/24/2024
Retraining date populates when date interval not specified

On the Add Training Info page, when adding a last completed date to a driver's training checklist item and the checklist item is not recurring (date increment is not specified), the retraining date is set to the last completed date.  When the date increment is set to not specified the retaining date should not auto-populate with a date.

Training 04/24/2024
500 Error Enrolling Driver in Course When enrolling usesrs in certain courses such as "Cargo Securement: Flatbeds", they have been receiving 500 errors Training 04/24/2024
Mobile login for users with same license info should not be allowed

Users should not be able to add a mobile user login for a second driver using the same Drivers License Number as another driver that already has an exsiting login. Users are able to create the multiple mobile user logins using the same Drivers License Number, but only when the Drivers License Number is entered earlier and obfuscated in the Add User Login modal

ELD & Mobile Settings 04/24/2024
Update Odometer Calibration Field to CompanyLevel Time Zone When viewing/exporting the ELD Device List via Settings > Vehicles > Connected Device List, the export file contains the Odometer Calibration Date, but instead of converting it to the CompanyLevel's time zone, it's retaining UTC. ELD & Mobile Settings 04/24/2024
Selecting unit from Missing DVIRs - 90 days shows last 180 days When you select a unit from the missing DVIRs - 90 days you are redirected to the unit DVIRs Missing the default range is 6 months not 3 months DVIR Management 04/24/2024
Employee move 'select a reporting level field' grayed out for one virtual When attempting to move a Driver from one company to another, users have been experiencing an issue where the "select a reporting level" dropdown is grayed out Drivers 04/24/2024
Supporting documents card on View Log page doesn't update when going to next or previous log When viewing a driver's log that has a supporting document, if the user clicks previous log or next log button to look at a different log, the supporting documents card doesn't update. HOS 04/24/2024
Log grid and violation card issues when daylight savings starts and ends Issues have been found for logs that took place on daylight savings where the listed times are around an hour late HOS 04/24/2024
User cannot edit non-driving event after Unassigned event claimed We have found that currently some users are unable to edit non-driving events in their Encompass Log edit view where the driver had accepted an unassigned log event prior to the driver logging in HOS 04/24/2024
Add exempt log displays as hours and minutes as minutes and seconds in some scenarios We have found an inconsistency in the display formats of hour Hour of Service logs where some logs are saved as hh:mm and others are saved as mm:ss HOS 04/24/2024
Corrections To Add Driver Log Modal When adding corrections to existing driver logs, some users have seen a question referring to driver types which should auto populate as well as a radio box related to "Returned to and Released From Normal Work Reporting Location" which should not be present HOS 04/24/2024
Self Employment or Temp Agency question should be disabled if the other is selected on Add/Edit Previous Employer Info modal When entering past employment information for an Applicant, there is a section that acts about previous employment where there is one radio button that asks "Was this self-employment" and a second that asks "Was this a temp agency". Currently if you select one radio button, you are able to select the other as well. When a user selects one of the two radio buttons, the other should not be accessible. Applicants 04/24/2024
Custom questions aren't displaying new values when they are Updated When updating the custom questions for the Driving Information section of applications, it appears as though the information is not always updating and will display the old data instead Applicants 04/24/2024
Units with Pre-Trip (and Post-Trip) Defects alert and view counts don't match When the user goes to alerts > vehicle > unit maintenance the number on the alerts for 'Units with Post-Trip Defects' and 'Units with Pre-Trip Defects' does not match the results when the user opens the alert.  Alers 04/24/2024
Add New User modal shouldn't populate current user's email and password When going through the process of adding new user profiles to Encompass, some users have found that fields related to usersnames and passwords are autofilling information related to the current user that is creating the new profile. Users and Security 04/24/2024
Attachments opened in browser saved with GUID for filename When users have been saving attached from Encompass, they have found that the name of the attachment will not show the name displayed in Encompass but instead will produce a GUID value that should not be seen. Attachment Management 04/24/2024
Enable Encompass user to reassign drive time in team driving When drivers are in a team and one driver drives on the other driver's hours, this change enables the Encompass users to reassign the erroneous drive time to the correct driver. Drivers 04/10/2024

Gaps in Employment Card causing Field Validation Error to be displayed

When filling out the Gaps in Employment section of an application,users have received error messages saying that the Name, Street Address, City, State, and Zip fields have not been filled out

Applicants 04/10/2024

New company level not showing after Add

When users go to edit, and assing an employee to a new company, the new company has not been showing under the employees profile Drivers 04/10/2024

Attachment extraction tool duplicate files correction

Attachment extraction tool has not been extracting files with the same name at the same time

Attachment Management 04/10/2024
Time selector control format causes time to display outside the time field 

Time selector box previously did not fit into the allotted space.  Impacted areas that use the same selector are DVIR, Out of Service/Unit Service, Supporting documents, Team driving entry, Employee Log ELD Event.

Users and Security






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