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Encompass Release (6/19/24)

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The Driver Maintenance Status Report was slow to execute and wouldn't complete for large customers.  The 

report query was rewritten and optimized for performance.  The report now will execute for all accounts and

will be faster for all.



Performance in the DVIR area of vehicles was slow in several areas and those areas were isolated and 

improved.  The areas are Vehicle Dashboard - Count of DVIR Defects Card, Vehicle/Maintenance/DVIRS/Tabs - 

Out of Service, Pre-Trip, Post-Trip, and Vehicle Maintenance - Unit Operated w/known defects.


The missing DVIR logic was improved to ensure that a missing DVIR was created and display in RED for a date

when a log is manually entered.


In a flat company structure, a problem was fixed that prevented all drivers from being displayed when enrolling 

students.  The problem occurred when drivers were assigned to different reporting levels.  Now all drivers will

be displayed within the current login context and children context whether assigned to a reporting level or not.


For some users, an error was given when enrolling students in training, "Unable to find Training Checklist Company".

Correction made to save and properly display the enrollment.


Some users would get an error trying to print a driver's application.  A change was made to the permissions to

add view application to some users who previously had access.

Application In virtual companies, users received an Object Error when attempting to reassign an applicant.   116205

Issue corrected that caused duplicate applications to be created if the save takes too long or has an error and the 

applicant attempted to submit again. Now the previous application will be deleted and the new one saved.


If a user entered a Default MPG when adding a new unit the vehicle record was not saved.  Although entering 

an MPG is not required, a change was made to allow the user to enter a default mpg and save a new vehicle.


If using military time, a problem was fixed that caused the time from 20:00 to 23:59 to convert to 2am when editing

HOS records on various pages.


Fixed an issue with edit HOS data for non-toll miles for line 5.  The error caused a message to display, "The following

fields have errors: Non-toll miles for line 5 must be a valid positive number, or 0"

Attachment Management

When improving the attachment process the system began to reject many special characters in file names.  Changes

have been made to allow all special characters.

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