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The latest updated to the mobile application has added a new icon to the homepage: Messages.  This feature allows for Encompass Users to communicate directly with their drivers within the mobile application and vice versa. Note: This does not allow for driver to driver communication.




Viewing and Replying to Messages

When a new message is available for the driver to read, the Messages icon will display a blue dot.



When will the mobile device check for messages (Network Signal is required)?

During the Login Process

When the driver changes their status to a non-driving status (On Duty, Sleeper Berth, Off Duty, etc.)

Every 15 minutes while in a driving status (regulated driving, personal conveyance, yard move, hyrail, non-regulated, etc.)

When the driver manually checks for new messages by 'dragging' the screen down when viewing messages


Tapping on the icon will take the user to their inbox to view any inbound messages.  Selecting Unread on the left will filter the list to only show unread messages.  Selecting Done will take the user back to the dashboard of the application.



Tap the message to view the body of the message.



Tap Reply and a text box will display to enter text for a response. Tap Cancel to go back to the inbox.



Once a response is entered, select Send to reply back to the original sender.



Composing a new message

When viewing the messages inbox, click on the pencil icon to compose a new message.  On Apple® devices, this will be in the upper right hand corner.  On Android™ devices, this will be in the lower right hand corner.

clipboard_eb7fa45c406be8d57ed35f99c156a7fdc.png                            clipboard_e042dca41578fe2d83b621e957cc9f1e4.png


Tap the icon next to the To field to select the Encompass user to send a message to. Enter a Subject for the message. Enter the Message in the text box. Tap Send when complete.

clipboard_e18ddd85b6b2195a152f105a6cc884d3e.png                clipboard_e1e25e1e84e2de45065f69406c8277104.png


Screen shots may differ slightly based on the users operating system. 

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