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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass® ELD iOS 8/25/2021 (Version .266)


Area Description Reference ID
General Update Roadside Inspection data transfer screens 41206
General Allow users to add/view/edit log remarks on prior days 43807
General Ensure log out time is in the future 44978
General Update "DOT Officers" to "Safety Officials" on duty status selection screen 45863
General Update no network connection verbiage during log out prompt 51629
General Resolve app crashes during certain scenarios Various
General Team driving improvements Various
General Ensure view log screen loads correctly 46814
Hours of Service Allow continuation of exempt log when logging back in 13636
Hours of Service Ensure all automatic duty status locations on US rules have a US location 50342
Hours of Service Allow special driving conditions on exempt logs 16367
Hours of Service Show driving as "Driving (Exempt)" on some views for exempt logs 16369
Hours of Service Do not convert driving to manual driving 23126
Hours of Service Special driving condition improvements various
Hours of Service Allow continuation of special driving condition at login 31133
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