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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass® ELD iOS 6/1/2022 (Version .278)


Area Description Reference ID
General Trip Info Empty with Set Default being used when logging back in  11925
General Clear stored VIN on ELD when VIN does not match what is read from ECM 8775
Hours of Service Implement California Ag Ruleset 13815
Hours of Service Logging in Connected before a Future Logout event time does not inactivate the future event 27739
Hours of Service Driver location missing in Encompass if log is cert/submitted at log out 12044
Hours of Service Intermediate event issues after driving, manually changing status, and driving again before drive_off 12482
Hours of Service AccumulateVehicleMiles recorded incorrectly when remaining logged in over midnight in non driving status 12514
DVIR Performing DVIR's submit to ENC with users local time instead of the driver timezone rule 5698
DVIR DVIRs not downloading to ELD app past 14 days even if there is an open defect 11546
User Interface Improvements to Data Recording Compliance Malfunctions 77767 
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