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J. J. Keller Support Center

Encompass® ELD Android 10/18/2022 (Version .284)


Area Description Reference ID
Hours of Service Correct issue with team driver's logs 86584
Hours of Service Border crossing event locations 87081
Hours of Service Reset driving thresholds after manual status change 41047
Hours of Service Extra drive time after Bluetooth disconnect 72987
Hours of Service Drive time is missing after claiming 73551
Hours of Service Extra driving until midnight 80329
Hours of Service Add 30-minute rest break toggle to non-standard HOS rulesets 82069
Hours of Service Correct issue where login event is missing 82418
Hours of Service Correct issue where 16 hour short haul exception is not being awarded 85576
DVIRs Correct issue where DVIRs older than 14 days do not download 68717
General Correct issue with Data Transfer Malfunction 84402
General Update Wi-Fi menu for Compliance Tablets only 72144
General App error when attempting to reassign drive time to team driver 78073
General App crash after driver rejects log edit in specific scenarios 79484
General Performance improvements multiple
General Update EULA 84159
User Interface Update screens multiple
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