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Viewing Hours/Clocks


There are a few ways for drivers to view their hours.  

View Hours

From the application dashboard, select View Log.


Click on View Hours. This tab allows drivers to see their available Weekly hours (1), daily On Duty hours (2), daily Drive hours (3) and the hours available before they have to take their daily Break (4).



View Clocks

Drivers can view their hours using the View Clocks tab. Select the View Log icon on your home screen to view the daily log.


Select View Clocks.  


The blue portion of the Driving Hours Available clock on the top represents drive time used and can be seen numerically above the clock - 11:00 hours. The time in parentheses (7:59:31) indicates the time used before taking the required 8 hour rest break. The timer outside of the parenthesis will only count down when driving is being recorded on the log.  The timer inside of the parenthesis will immediately start counting down as soon as the driver begins their day, regardless of whether or not they are driving.

The Daily On Duty Hours Available can be seen in the middle clock with the total on duty time allocated noted above the clock - 15:59:31. 

The Weekly On Duty Hours Available can be seen in the clock on the bottom with total hours used shown above the clock- 68:09:48. 

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